Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some quite unexpected Karen the Small Press Librarian Repetition Patterns love.

The always awesome Karen Lillis has a way cool project going on at her blog Karen the Small Press Librarian where she is inviting indie writers to list their three favorite indie releases of the last two years. We have been working on our submission and were quite, quite geeked to see Repetition Patterns make an appearance on today's dual posting by long-time TBWCYL, Inc. favorites Ken Wohlrob and Tim Hall. Big thanks all-around some excerpt below, and look for our list soon, so, so soon.

"In many ways, Ben's writing reminds me of Mike's (Faloon) in how unforced it all is. There seems no effort behind it. And the stories are always great. This e-only collection was a nice step up for Ben. He took it to a whole different level compared to his previous work. And I always like that he writes good female characters, something too many male writers can't do very well. I also liked that CCLaP was experimenting with a different publishing model for this release and doing it as a digital- only release."

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