Friday, December 24, 2010

Sacre bleu and holy awesome Christmas present, a sneak preview of Remain in Light, the sequel to Conquering Venus.

Long time TBWCYL, Inc. favorite, This Podcast Will Change Your Life podcastee and the author of the terrific Conquering Venus Collin Kelley has posted a prologue to Remain in Light, the sequel to Conquering Venus, and we are most geeked. Please do take a look and for some excerpt action feel free to read on. No really, go ahead, it just might change your life.

"Hands in motion. Fingers fly over letters and numbers, type out a message, a brief history of self, of time, of need and directionless desire. The screen bathes those hands in bruised light, flickers on a face in the darkness. A face grown two years older, forehead scarred by a bomb blast and more tiny lines around the eyes. There is an unmistakable tattoo on the left hand: two interlocking crosses, equal but opposite."

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