Saturday, December 4, 2010

Feel the hype. Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres by Spencer Dew.

One-time This Podcast Will Change Your Life podcastee, contributor to This Zine Will Change Your Life and all-around TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Spencer Dew has a new joint out, Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres from the quite stellar local publisher Another New Calligraphy, and we are quite stoked,so stoked in fact, that we want you to be stoked as well, so please do be stoked, please do take a look and if you a moment please feel free to read Spencer's essay on the writing of the book at the decomP, got it, good.


Jason Jordan said...

I got this the other day. It's very nicely done. Haven't read it just yet.

Ben Tanzer said...

Don't have it yet, tonight, maybe, hopefully, we'll see.