Friday, November 5, 2010

A most cool Sententia 3 call for submissions.

Artistically Declined, in partnership with Guest Editor and TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Shya Scanlon, has opened submissions for Sententia 3 and what they're up to is very cool indeed.

"Issue 3 of Sententia will be themed around the pitch, and therefore against the notion of “self-contained” excerpts. It will be a collection of novel excerpts whose purpose is to leave the reader not with an artificial feeling of completion, but actively wanting more.

We will be considering excerpts of three chapters or ten thousand words—whichever comes first. In addition to an excerpt and bio, authors are required to submit a one-page synopsis of the full work, to be printed along with each excerpt. The novel need not be finished at the time of submission.

Submissions will be read as might an agent or editor looking to publish, and in this spirit, 60 copies of the resulting collection will be sent to presses and agents we consider most likely to use the work therein as a resource during their own search for talent."

As we said, coolness.


Pete said...

Paging Mr. Wheatyard!

Ben Tanzer said...

Way. In fact, way squared.