Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Run, reader, run!" 99 Problems gets The United States of Kudera'd. And likes it. A lot.

Big thanks to author, new BFF, and as it turns out, former teammate Alex Kudera and the crew at The United States of Kudera for the very generous review of 99 Problems. Drinks on us for sure when we meet again, and for the rest of you Alex has a new book out himself, Fight for Your Long Day, which we will be reporting on soon, for real, right here, pinkie swear, all of it.

"Anyway, I read all of 99 Problems the night I received it. It's in e-book format but short enough to be read in one sitting. Ben's writing style is clear and engaging, and his "I" in these essays is likeable and you want to see him successfully complete the stories he is dreaming up while running--or at least break the eight minute mile and move closer to where he was as a younger runner. I'd say that's one cool juxtaposition contained within these essays, that although Ben might be losing something as a runner, you get a strong sense he is gaining as a writer."


Pete said...

Definitely gaining.

Ben Tanzer said...

Thanks bro, we appreciate the focus on the positive.