Monday, November 15, 2010

Mad geeked we are. Our new ebook "Cool, Not Removed" from the Artistically Declined is live, quite live, and so ready for your reading pleasure.

It is mad geekery indeed. Our new ebook "Cool, Not Removed" from the quite sublime Artistically Declined is live and all pdf and downloadable for your reading and life changing pleasure. We want to thank Ryan and Paula for the interest, support and care they have provided to this piece and we hope you will dig it, love it, hug it and hype it, here, there, anywhere, not to mention your blogs, the Facebook and Goodreads, because that too would be sublime. And now some excerpt:

"My therapist is what you might expect. Tweed jackets, year-round; sweater vests; corduroys; and a thatch of brown, parted, college professor hair."


Jason Jordan said...

Congrats, man. I downloaded.

Ben Tanzer said...

Thanks bro, we look forward to your thoughts.