Friday, October 22, 2010

Paula Bomer. Babies. And Publisher's Weekly. Cool.

Quite cool we think to see TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Paula Bomer being interviewed in Publishers Weekly about her new collection Baby & Other Stories. We also think you will find it quite cool and so there you go. Enjoy.

One of your character wonders if his wife has any "genuine feelings of the positive variety." Why are your characters so mean?

One woman I know—a wonderful mother of three kids—once said to me, "Every time I have another child, a part of me dies." I thought that was beautiful and honest. My characters can be horrible, but I try to show their humanity. I feel sympathy toward these characters. They're taking care of small children and not taking care of each other. This book is as much about marriage; I wanted to call it Bad Marriage. I took out a bunch of things. I wanted to make it tight... and relentless.

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