Sunday, October 17, 2010

Codex Quick Questions Kazam Kismet Absurdity Beards and Bosworth.

Codex and Boworth unite. Feel the love.

After The Cats Razzed The Chickens I expected more absurd. Or was that notion absurd? I like the part where David pops his eye out.--Or did you purposefully play down the absurd?

Absurd comes and goes. It has a mind of it's own, at least in my mind. And your notion isn't absurd. But there's a good amount of absurd in Grease Stains, no? Did I play down the absurdity? Was Razzed really more absurd than Grease? Hm. To be totally honest, Josh, and I hope I don't sound like a turd saying this, Grease Stains pretty much wrote itself. I was just the tool. I am a ginormous tool. I really got out of my own way on this one. Words flew out of my hands and they stayed where they landed. Is there absurdness? Absurdity? Is it played down? It's there, doing its thing in its own way. In the end, I suppose the words and the absurdness, played down or otherwise, were simply trying to get as close to the characters as they could. Because it's all about them. And their sometimes absurdness and the absurdity around them. Absurd.


Mel Bosworth said...

you're a wonderful machine, tanzer. we're gonna run in the snow glow of DC.

Ben Tanzer said...

There will be run. There will be glow.