Wednesday, October 27, 2010

99 Problems. PANK. And the unfirm line.

Quite digging this post on the PANK blog by TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Bl Pawelek wherein he talks 99 Problems, fear and parenting. Big thanks bro.

“It is also clear to me that age brings fear, and there is no doubt that everything scares me more than it used to.”

Ben Tanzer, 99 Problems

Never been a scaredy cat, never been worried about what went bump next to me in the dark. However, Tanzer reaches a point of truth, albeit parental truth.

I have never known fear like I have as a parent. I am sure this is no grand epiphany. However it is pure.


Pete said...

Some fear, but even more joy.

Ben Tanzer said...

Bursts of joy certainly, coupled with not just fear, but anger and exhaustion. Or so we've heard.