Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Unique and fascinating." 99 Problems gets Daily s-Press'd, not to mention oddly meta-posted. And likes it. A lot.

Big thanks to the kind folks at Daily s-Press for their kind words and 99 Problems shout-out. We were also quite something, amused, no, flabbergasted, is that a real word, well we were quite something, and definitely appreciative, to see Dorothee Lang, the air traffic controller behind Daily s-Press, and the superlative BluePrintReview, among other things, musing, arguably meta-posting even, on not only 99 Problems in her personal blog Virtual Notes, but a recent conversation she had with none other than Rose Hunter our newest BFF and recent convert, is that too strong, to all things 99 Problems. Which we think ultimately means we are changing lives, or at least connecting them, which might just lead to change anyway, yes? Yes. For sure.

"A unique and fascinating new look at the curious relationship between physical activity and creative intellectualism, 99 Problems will have you looking at the arts in an entirely new way, and maybe even picking up a pair of running shoes yourself."

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Rose Hunter said...

Ha! Air-traffic controller is a good way to describe it! I don't really comprehend how Dorothee keeps track of it all. I'll admit this in this comment box here, why not, I just wikipedia-ed BFF. I'm not so completely out of it, I knew what it meant, overall, basically, a very good friend, but for some reason what the second "F" stood for had always been a mystery to me, evidently not one I spent a lot of time thinking about however, since the answer is pretty obvious isn't it. BFF can also stand for backup file format, Ben Folds Five, and an airport in Nebraska, among other things, according to wiki. This blog has totally changed my life! BFF!