Friday, September 24, 2010

Largehearted Boy. Book Notes. 99 Problems. Sweetness.

Big thanks to David Gutowski and Largehearted Boy for not only their kind words about 99 Problems, but for inviting us to write a Book Notes essay for the collection as well. Quite sweet. Quite appreciated. And for your viewing pleasure, some excerpt.

Dear Lord - Joseph Arthur/ Don't Walk Alone - Tim Easton

I am not a very religious dude, despite my God-complex, nor have I had many experiences one might deem religious though I did once see the visage of Jesus in the window of a hotel across the street from my office. But, running can be a pretty awesomely religious experience, I think, and this song came on as I was running along the lake early one morning and the sun was just coming-up all crazy and swirling and purple and orange and I did feel something awesome. I should add, that I also felt something similar when I saw Karch Kiraly in the very same spot watching the AVP Tour guys setting-up beach volleyball courts for Chicago's AVP tour stop, but who's to say Karch isn't God? I coupled "Don't Walk Alone" with "Dear Lord," because for me it has the same vibe, and came off of the same mix CD. Tim Easton is a guy a friend of mine went to high school with, which also reminds me that regular people, well, people you know, sometimes bust out in some fashion, and as I write about in these essays, I'm down with busting out even if I don't know what that means.

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