Friday, September 3, 2010

"It might make you self-conscious of your own novel." Lucky Man gets Ryan W. Bradley'd. And likes it. A lot.

Making new friends is a treat. Having older work newly discovered is always a nice surprise. And having new friends find older work for the first time and dig it is a thrill. Such is the case with new friend and soon to be new publisher Ryan W. Bradley who recently wrote some truly kind things about Lucky Man. Many thanks brother and the next round of drinks are so definitely on us.

"Ben is a consistently fantastic writer. I've yet to read something subpar by him, which as a fellow writer spurs me to always be on my game, too. Lucky Man was Ben's first novel and it's a doozie. First of all, it is seriously front-loaded, so much goes down in the first 60 pages that you'll marvel at how much can be fit into that amount of space. Be careful, though, it might make you self-conscious of your own novel..."

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