Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A crazy awesome and freakishly well-deserved multi-part Steve Lafler career spanning interview at The Comics Journal.

It's true, the quite awesome The Comics Journal is currently running a multi-part, career spanning interview with comix legend, long-time TBWCYL, Inc. favorite, publisher of Lucky Man and This Zine Will Change Your Life contributor Steve Lafler and we couldn't be more thrilled for him. Please do take a look and definitely go enjoy the brief excerpt below, any and all of which will certainly change your life.

RC: Do you consider yourself to be a writer that draws, an artist that writes, or neither?

SL: Basically I’m a guy who loves to draw, but in truth I see it like this: I’m a conduit for a set of muses who use me as a tool to bring certain ideas and exuberant spirits into physical reality. I’ve always felt like a conscript in a cartoon army of one. A willing conscript, with a real sense of mission. Now, defining and articulating that mission is a whole other matter!

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