Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Book Will Change Your Life - Sheep and Wolves by Jeremy C. Shipp.

TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Jeremy C. Shipp author of the wildy bizzarro novel Vacation states that he lives in a moderately haunted Victorian farmhouse, but after reading his story collection Sheep and Wolves we don't believe this, not really, because it is clear to us, that where Jeremy C. Shipp resides is deep in the dark recesses of his brain, a place filled with garden gnomes, serial killers, cannibals and bloody clowns, a place where fear and terror reign, a place that isn't necessarily his own brain, not really, but our brains, where his brain has somehow taken up residence, worming its way into all of the things that horrify us in ways we can't even access, certainly not the way Shipp can, which ultimately means, that he knows our nightmares in ways we cannot conceive, something we might feel bad about if at his best he wasn't such a good and interesting writer and deserving of all that comes with that.

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