Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Book Will Change Your Life - In This Alone Impulse by Shy Scanlon.

As you know, we've been traveling. As you also know, travel equals reading, and during the past week we had the chance to read the poetry collection In This Alone Impulse by Shy Scanlon. What's interesting to us, is that as we read this, we thought sure, okay, arguably these poems may be all about being alone, and all about impulse, and yet what we kept thinking, is that these are riffs on relationship, all kinds of relationships, with those we love, at least those we love right now, but also with cars, money, language, and the world we are so very much of and in. Maybe the point here, is that even when we are in relationships we are still alone, sometimes, all the time, and driven by impulse, things we can't and don't escape. Maybe. Meanwhile, there is a top secret project we are working on with Shya, or at least Shya's words, and while that may be be a little dramatic, or not even so top secret, be warned, and be ready, because its coming soon.

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