Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Nuanced, unpretentious, and without fear." 99 Problems gets Vinnie the Vole'd. And likes it. A lot.

Vinnie the Vole, a.k.a., TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Mark Brand has written a super thoughtful and much appreciated review of 99 Problems, continuing a trend of reviewers focusing less, though not entirely ignoring, on the running and writing elements of the collection and instead finding a thread with as much or maybe more meaning to them, in this case the push and pull of wanting to be a "good" father even as we want to be everything else as well, in this case a runner, and writer, always searching for the creative spark. Many thanks bro, and for the rest of you, some excerpt.

"Admiration and pity are muddy emotions to pair with each other, but that’s exactly what this sort of narrative demands. Today’s Good Dad is an object of both. Beneath this is the place inside a real man where the static builds between how life is, how life should be, and the synapse of human nature that the creative sparks fly across.
99 Problems is that spark; nuanced, unpretentious, and without fear."

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