Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mickey Hess. Blurb. 99 Problems. Brilliance.

The incomparable Mickey Hess announced yesterday at The Rumpus that he would blurb any book within 24 hours. We decided to take take him up on that offer with 99 Problems and got a most excellent blurb from our newest, and most favoritest BFF in the whole world.

“Ben Tanzer fans know that he took to writing novels in the hope that he could outrun death. From a runner’s perspective this may seem extraordinarily strange, but it turns out that Tanzer is staying in shape, reading his thoughts aloud in bookstores that stock copies of other novels he wrote before. If you don't run and never intend to do it, Ben Tanzer’s 99 Problems - Essays about Running and Writing delivers a sophisticated juxtaposition in reverse, a fascinating and exhilarating literary marathon. I have not read any of Tanzer’s book, but this may change soon.”

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