Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A sort of meta, all narcissistic 99 Problems thing.

Okay, so the new joint is coming soon. It is a collection of essays on running and writing from the CCLaP titled 99 Problems, and it will be released as Repetition Patterns was before it, e-book Radiohead-style pay what you want. Much hype is sure to come, from us anyway, but in a bout of early hypeness we were quite appreciative to see our good friends at TNBCC's The Next Best Book Blog riffing on their experience proofreading the ms, and so in the most meta narcissistic fashion we can think of, we thought we would hype their riff hyping the collection, a celebration of sorts of us, them and the work to come. Did you follow that? And did we say we were most appreciative? Good.


TNBBC Super Mod said...

Dude, Ben, you rock! I loved the essays and cannot wait for the public to get their hands on it! I will post a review on release day. Had that been confirmed as aug 16th?

Ben Tanzer said...

Wow, thanks, for all of it, and we think the 16th is very, most, definitely likely, but that will be probably be confirmed next week for sure. And did we say thanks? Thanks.