Tuesday, August 17, 2010

99 Problems. A CClaP Publishing Apologia.

We quite enjoyed reading Jason Pettus of CCLaP's "An Apologia" about why he decided to publish 99 Problems. Its humbling and flattering and entertaining and touches on a variety of themes including one that was probably least conscious to us as we wrote these essays, or at least the least something to us, pertinent maybe, but seems to have struck a nerve with Jason and others, aging and our bodies betraying us as we do.

I have to say that it's his thoughts on aging that are my true favorite moments in this book, because of them so often mirroring my own -- this sense that our bodies are somehow betraying us, the frustration of no longer being able to accomplish certain goals simply because you're determined to, the start of the disconnect between willpower and capability that just becomes worse from this point on, especially shocking in middle-age because of most of us still considering ourselves too "young" to experience such a thing. Regardless of whether you yourself are an athletic person or not, I suspect that many people will respond favorably to 99 Problems just for this subject alone, making it a worthwhile read no matter what your personal relationship to running."

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