Thursday, July 22, 2010

There is new piece - Just Say No at THE2NDHAND.

Quite pleased we are to let you know that a new piece of ours, Just Say No, is now up at the always awesome THE2NDHAND. This piece was originally written for the most recent QUICKIES! fundraiser and is an homage to the writing of the always lovely QUICKIES! co-host Lindsay Hunter. We would add that Just Say No is not necessarily appropriate for family consumption and so our ability to provide an excerpt is limited, but here you go. Enjoy.

"Hey everybody, my name is Ben and I want to totally welcome you back for the new school year and our first meeting of the Vestal High School Circle of the Purity Ring and Just Say No to Pre-marital Sex Club.

Before we get started, a few housekeeping items.

First, a big purity ring thank you and moment of silent non-sexual appreciation for the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift, who are helping us keep it real, and cool, to just say no despite the best efforts of that pole-dancing Miley Cyrus."