Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A David Masciotra Working on a Dream Ryan Bradley Big Other Springsteen bucket of love.

Always fun to see various TBWCYL, Inc. favorites come together, and in this case the David Masciotra guest blogging on Big Other via the Ryan Bradley. It is very nice indeed and includes a play list of Masciotra's favorite Springsteen songs from the current decade. Please do take a look and please enjoy the below excerpt as well, it not only tackles one of our favorite Springsteen songs from the current decade, but it is quite Masciotra at that and sure to change your life.

“My City of Ruins”—This gospel song was originally written as a prayer for Asbury Park, but became a post-9/11 anthem when used as an album closer for The Rising. Its music is straight out of a sanctified church, but its prayer acknowledges the marriage between the secular and sacred. Springsteen humbly asks divine assistance in building hope, faith, and love, and accepts communal responsibility for communal future, rather than merely looking upward for the perfect solution.

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