Saturday, May 1, 2010

Steve Himmer. Fictionaut. Goodness.

We may just be a little interview happy these days, but it was quite fun to see Steve Himmer of Necessary Fiction fame being interviewed this week at the Fictionaut. Steve was quite awesome to work with on our story More Than Anything which appeared earlier this year at the Necessary Fiction and we hope others will get the opportunity to work with him as we have. We also hope you will take a look at the interview and for your reading pleasure we have provided you with a brief excerpt below.

What do you like best about having an online lit zine in a weekly format?

The fact that it’s weekly is fairly incidental, because that’s simply the rate I can handle and it works with our flow of submissions. What seems more important is being able to focus on a single story at a time. Instead of developing an issue containing multiple stories, with some cohesive, coherent order and assembly, each individual story is presented entirely in it’s own right. There’s definitely an aesthetic emerging over time, though it’s only vaguely apparent to me what it is — and that’s a big part of the excitement: pinning down my own taste as a reader and editor only to have it upended by some surprising, incredible new submission the next day. I’m thrilled and humbled by the positive response we’ve gotten so far, and by the quality of work I’m being trusted with. I’ve enjoyed editing more than I imagined I would, and have been introduced to the work of some incredible writers. I can’t say it helps me get more of my own writing done, but that’s a whole other story.

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