Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ryan Bradley. Metazen. Bountiful.

It has been like two whole days since we drew your attention to an interview being held by or with someone we dig and frankly we couldn't take it anymore. Luckily, for us certainly, we ran into to this quite fine interview at the Metazen with one of our newest BFFs Ryan Bradley of Artistically Declined fame and we think it just might change your life. Of course, it might not, but that then would be on you, right? Maybe that's harsh, how about you just go enjoy it, starting with the excerpt below.

Metazen: Talk a bit about yourself as a writer.

Ryan: This is a dangerous question to ask. What I know is this: more than anything I care about the exploration of how we, as people, manage to relate to one another. How we generate bonds and communicate, despite everything that works against such a possibility. To speak slightly less generally, I am really inspired by blue collar jobs and workers. Having pumped gas, painted houses, and worked on a construction crew, I am compelled to tell stories that show the struggle of maintaining human relationships amid the stresses of such jobs/economic positions. I firmly believe the best stories I’ve written to this point are those in the story collection I recently finished putting together. They are all stories that take place in Alaska, the state where I was born and raised, and one of my primary muses. And they all revolve around these sorts of situations and characters. I think you can see reflections of these concerns in "Clean Bay Girl" in that it’s not a situation you would find between two wealthy people, or even two middle-class WASP’s. I think it’s clear that these people are low-middle class economically, at the most, and that they feel the stress of their position every day. I don’t want to call them white trash, but I think it’s not far off.

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