Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Book Will Change Your Life - Beautiful Piece by Joseph G. Peterson.

On page 66 of Chicago author Joseph G. Peterson's fabulous and hallucinatory noir Chicago heatwave novel Beautiful Piece he writes, "Life is repetitious. Oh, I know. That's what I love about it." Which he then repeats several times. And that's the thing about this novel, the scenes and dialog endlessly repeat, constantly circling back and collapsing into themselves, while slowly releasing more and more details and expanding on what you think you know as the story both soars and grinds towards what will clearly be an ending that can't be good for anyone involved.


Pete said...

And of course, "an ending that can't be good for anyone involved" is exactly what good noir should have. I think the next thing I read will be some Jim Thompson, the master of the unhappy ending.

Ben Tanzer said...

Feel free to quote us on that. And we do love the Jim Thompson, we are staring at a copy of The Grifters even as we write this.