Sunday, March 28, 2010

This (e-) Book (and novella) Will Change Your Life - When We Make Our Dinosaur and Inconceivable Wilson by J.A. Tyler.

Work. Travel. Read. And a double-dose of TBWCYL, Inc. favorite and This Zine Will Change Your Life contributor J.A. Tyler. We had somehow decided that we were supposed to read J.A.'s novella Inconceivable Wilson and e-book When We Make Our Dinosaur in tandem, and so we sat on them until work travel beckoned. What we found is that J.A.'s dizzying, full frontal, near stream of consciousness assault on what it means to lose oneself in relationships of all shapes and sizes continues, and while the former captures a sense of ongoing disintegration and deterioration, the latter eludes a sense of joy (which is only enhanced by the wonderful graphics) we haven't always encountered in his work. Now how much of this is due to J.A.'s take on fatherhood and how much of it is due to or our own projection as we read is not so clear to us, either way, we hope to see more of it going forward, because we think it will change your life as it has ours.

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