Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Book Will Change (not just) Your Life (but others) - Working on a Dream - The Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen/David Masciotra.

After a week or so of interviews with TBWCYL, Inc. favorite David Masiotra, here and here, appearances, many thanks again to Suzi T. and The Book Cellar crew, and the actual completion of his stirring new book Working on a Dream - The Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen, we thought it was time for some reflection.

(1) We are convinced more than ever that David Masciotra is the bastard love child of Lester Bangs and William Julius Wilson.

(2) While we expected a book celebrating Bruce Springsteen and his music, what we didn't quite expect was a celebration of not only how Springsteen's music exemplifies and illuminates the tenets of progressive politics ranging from the need to build community, address isolation, expose the degradation of the working class and strengthen the education system, but a discussion on the array of public policies that support these tenets.

(3) We hope that unlike Fahrenheit 911, for example, this book can serve to activate citizens of all stripes and not just the true believers, and so if you have any ideas about how this can be accomplished please let us know.

(4) Bruce Springsteen is venerated by Boomers and Generation X, but his message speaks to Millenials and their interest in social causes, community and supporting the oppressed. This book has the potential then to serve as both a bridge between generations and a blueprint for Millenials seeking both direction and leadership.

(5) David Masciotra may or may not emerge as the poet laureate of the Millenial generation, but we do believe that we are witnessing the birth of a public intellectual in the vein of a Cornel West or Douglas Brinkley and that one day we will say we knew him when.

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