Friday, March 19, 2010

Amazon sort of sucketh, albeit in an awesomely sucketh sort of way.

All we wanted to do was post a review and some blurbage on Amazon for the Masciotra's new joint Working on a Dream - The Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen. So we went with the following:

"David Masciotra is the bastard love child of Lester Bangs and William Julius Wilson."

But it didn't post, nothing, no post. So we wrote Amazon, and we said, hey Amazon, why no post and Amazon said the following:

"I read your recent review of "Working on a Dream: The Progressive Political Vision of Bruce Springsteen" and found it violated our posted guidelines. Your review was removed because it focused on the author. Our posted guidelines don't allow reviews that criticize authors or their intentions. Your review was more suited for a discussion forum."


We went with the following:

"While I expected a book celebrating Bruce Springsteen and his music, what I didn't quite expect was a celebration of not only how Springsteen's music exemplifies and illuminates the tenets of progressive politics ranging from the need to build community, address isolation, expose the degradation of the working class and strengthen the education system, but a discussion on the array of public policies that support these tenets."

Not as much fun for us mind you, but it did post, we have post.


Pete said...

Oh, okay, they won't take reviews that focus on the author, but they don't have a problem with e-book reader lunatics who post one-star reviews of books they haven't even read, just to protest that those books don't have e-book versions out yet.

Jason Jordan said...

They don't allow profanity either, do they?

Ben Tanzer said...

Correct. And what are you trying to imply Jason?