Sunday, February 7, 2010

Metrics. Shout-outs. Mass love. Or if you prefer, a Fire Sale Week One Wrap-up. Well, that and the Rules of Fire Sale.

There has been one week of Fire Sale. We have changed lives and we have sold books, ten alone to the awesomely attractive crew at Dispatch Litareview. The video has been watched almost 300 times on YouTube, the Fire Sale post at Orange Alert has been visited almost 400 times and there have been endlessly heartwarming shout-outs from our newest and bestest friends at HTML Giant, Dogzplot, Hambone's Heartache, Modern Confessional, Moondoggy's Pad, No More Hot Lunches for Eddie Socko and ML Press. We are much appreciative for all of the support, but before we go we just want to be sure we are clear about the rules of Fire Sale. The first rule of Fire Sale is ,you do talk about Fire Sale. And the second rule of Fire Sale is, you DO talk about Fire Sale. Any questions? Cool. And as you were.

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