Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A kind Torn Pages shout-out from the Chicago Subtext. And quotes.

Orange Alert maestro and long-time friend, supporter and champion of all things indie and literary Jason Behrends is now rocking the Chicago Subtext and has a quite nice shout-out for the upcoming Torn Pages show at the OhNo!Doom Collective space. There are also quotes from contributor and TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer and Dominique Holmes the artist he was paired with among others which we are way digging to say the least.

"The first stories we are exposed to are children's stories and so in a way this show is an illumination of our earliest influences. It is also quite fascinating to see an artist's interpretation of your work. I may have some ideas about what I think the story looks like in my head, but the artist has their own set of influences and these influences impact their reading of the story, something I find very cool, and especially so in this case, because the artist illustrating my piece is Dominique Holmes, a former neighbor of mine, whose work I really like, but who I only sort of know."

"I am eager to see how the show will come together, whether these adult narratives masquerading as children's stories will lean towards whimsy or menace. Ben trusted me. He handed over his story like the baton in a relay race and I took off, breakneck, exuberant, and to some extent defiant."

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