Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"I belong to the staggering evening. I belong to the sweltering nights. I belong to the girl that’s leaving. But all we’re gonna do is fight tonight."

We in no way want The Hold Steady to feel threatened, much less Avail, Jon Langford, The Beastie Boys, Bruce Springsteen, El-P, Billy Bragg, Wilco, Girl Talk, Jamey Johnson or Bob Dylan, but we cannot deny that seeing Ike Reilly tonight at the Schubas changed our life just a little, and we sort of think that if you have the chance to see him, you should, like immediately, because he just might change your life as well. For reals.


Ike said...

My friend sent me your articile. thanks but we weren't even trying. sober and unrehearsed usually don't work for us. come back next week and i hope to change your life a bit more, thanks for the kind words,. Bring all your friends next time.
peace, ike reilly

Ben Tanzer said...

Damn, the real Ike Reilly, c'mon, really? Seriously though, it was a great show, and thanks for the invitation, we will try to come out again. Meanwhile, did your friend also mention that the team here picked Hard Luck Stories as our favorite release in 2009? Check it out: http://bentanzer.blogspot.com/2010/01/continued-top-ten-madness-music-indeed.html.