Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Continued Top Ten madness. Music. Indeed.

We're not sure how good a year this has been for the music and truth be told, we are very much looking forward to the coming year and releases from The Beastie Boys, Arcade Fire and Jamey Johnson. That said, it wasn't exactly a bad year either, though please note that we still expect some constructive feedback from the David Masciotra and would in fact be disappointed if we do not receive said feedback.

(1) Ike Reilly - Hard Luck Stories. We love him. Do you hear that Ike? Do you?

(2) Kid Sister - Ultra Violet. We love her too. A lot. Did you hear that Kid Sister? Did you?

(3) Steve Earle - Townes. Steve Earle. Always awesome. Townes Van Zandt. Legend. Steve Earle covering Townes. Quite nice.

(4) Street Sweeper Social Club - Street Sweeper Social Club. Morello and Riley. Slamming.

(5) I Fight Dragons - Cool Is Just a Number (EP). Just. Cool.

(6) Doom - Born Like This. Comic books go hip-hop and we can't help but smile.

(7) Wilco - (the album). If not exactly the Wilco we once fell in love with, they still do Wilco better than anyone else.

(8) Neko Case - Middle Cyclone. Neko Case always brings it. Always.

(9) Jay Reatard - Watch Me Fall. Unfortunate moniker, most fortunate tunes.

(10) M. Ward - Hold Time. Old-timey, but in a good way.

Honorable mention: Devo - Are we not men? We are Devo! (Re-issue).

We would add here, that we are noting quite a Chicago-centric slant to our list this year. We would also add, that this makes us very happy.

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Pete said...

You'll have to lend me Hold Time. I haven't been too impressed with mp3s I've heard from his later albums, but I liked his earlier stuff. I'd be glad to return the favor by lending you End of Amnesia or Transfiguration of Vincent (I prefer the former, but it's hard to resist the Bowie cover on the latter).

David Masciotra said...

This post started with so much potential. First, Jamey Johnson and then me. A truly magnificient beginning.

However, I'm afraid that once again I'd like to point out some omissions that TBWCYL, Inc. has made.

Ryan Bingham - Roadhouse Sun: Bingham is going to get some well-deserved publicity for his Crazy Heart, Golden Globe nominated song. Hopefully, that will put him on more people's radar, because he is the most talented and exciting young artist making music right now.

Bob Dylan - Together Through Life: Dylan is one of America's best bluemen, and this album is a strong piece of evidence in that direction. Songs like It's All Good, I Feel a Change Comin' On, and My Wife's Home Town have the lyrical depth everyone expects from Dylan, but are also musically irresistible.

John Mellencamp - Live, Death, Love, and Freedom: Twice now I have mentioned both Dylan and Mellencamp on TBWCYL, Inc, because twice you have omitted them. Mellencamp's only live album is a collection of stripped down or jacked up performances of songs taken from his latest studio album, which was one of his best. The live versions amazingly manage to be improvements.

Blackberry Smoke - Lil' Piece of Dixie: The best young Southern Rock band around.

Levon Helm - Electric Dirt: A follow up to him mournful Dirt Farmer that is infectiously joyful.

Lucero - 1372 Overton Park: Their major label debut comes on like a weapon of mass destruction. You can hear The E-Street Band, ZZ Top, and Southern soul all over this thing.

Tim McGraw - Southern Voice: Perhaps I will lose some street cred by including a country-pop superstar/sex symbol on my list. But, his latest is a reflective, somber, and complex look at loss and regret. Plus, the title track sounds like The Rolling Stones in a Stetson.

The Righteous Hillbillies - Not Alone: This two track EP was released as a prelude to their upcoming indie release. These guys play rock 'n' roll for the true believers.

I hope that TBWCYL,Inc. will seriously consider these suggestions. I am aware that I have only provided eight recommendations, but in a top ten list, who is counting?

As an aside, I will thank TBWCYL, Inc. for breaking with convention and not including U2 on the list.

David Masciotra

Jason said...

Speaking of Jay Reatard... http://consequenceofsound.net/2010/01/13/jay-reatard-confirmed-dead/

Ben Tanzer said...

We love to lend. We love that the Masciotra was not only willing to share, but happy that we did not go with U2. And then there's Jay Reatard, very sad and totally weird.