Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Swooned all over again." I am Richard Simmons gets Pete Lit'd. And likes it a lot.

We cannot say that we don't expect, even hope, that the fine crew at Pete Lit, will be somewhat biased when it comes to our work, but we still very much appreciate the kind words they recently had say about our new ml press chapbook I Am Richard Simmons. Many thanks, and drinks for us, for sure, when next we meet. For the rest of you an excerpt:

The story's eponymous narrator projects the energy and mania and exuberance and positivity and, yes, also the veiled desperation and sadness and heartbreak that seems to underlie all of that celebrity's public appearances."

Update: We also want to thank the BL Pawelek for some additional Richard Simmons love. Much, much, appreciated.


Pete said...

If I say some more kind words, will you make the photos stop? PLEASE?

Ben Tanzer said...

We wish we could, but (1) its a contractual obligation and (2) we can't help ourselves, there are just so many wonderful photos out there.

Pete said...

I'm disappointed that you didn't send me a copyright cease-and-desist for ripping off your reviewing style.

Ben Tanzer said...

That just seemed so self-absorbed and if there is anything we do not want to seem, it is self-absorbed. Plus, we decided to treat it as an homage. Which come to think of it sounds sort of self-absorbed. Damn.