Thursday, November 12, 2009

The single greatest response to a rejection letter ever recevieved by This Zine Will Change Your Life or any zine, anywhere, any time. For real.

"Good choice! It's absolutely atrocious. My writing group advised me to send it around, which I impulsively did because I'm a former lawyer and it's new for me to write anything creative, but I wrote it in 15 minutes during the group's session, and it's really a brick of crap. I'm very sorry I sent it. I'm doing a class to see if I can get my writing to go in more promising directions. Thank you for replying."

Did we lie? And please note that this response was not only printed with permission from the author, but no animals were hurt, injured or defamed in its reproduction. We would add that we also firmly believe that we reduced our carbon footprint by copying and pasting the response into this post as opposed to transcribing it by hand, but Vice President Gore has not been able to confirm this as we go to press.


Pete said...

"Brick of crap" is a truly wonderful phrase. I think I'll use it at my next department meeting.

Mel Bosworth said...

too funny