Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The new edition of This Zine Will Change Your Life is live, quite incredible and all Greg Santos. Or something like that.

The new edition of This Zine Will Change Your Life is live and quite incredible. Or something like that, so please see the below link. We have a new poem A Love Poem for Shelley by Hulk by Greg Santos, which we are way excited about, and, as always, photo action from Adam Lawrence, a music selection from Jason Behrends and overseas prose love from Pete Anderson. We hope you enjoy this edition and we appreciate all shout-outs and links.

Finally, please note, that we think you are the bomb, all of you. Big time. Okay, and one more thing, to all of our contributers, please feel free to let us know when you have something new to hype and we will be sure to hype. Cool?

And maybe one more thing after that. For the second year in a row Adam Lawrence overseer of all things photo here at the zine is taking part in movember. He is growing a bad ass stache in support of and to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG). To donate or learn more please hit this link and if you require any additional inspiration please check out the sweet, we mean, bad ass photo of Adam below.

Movember 17th


Greg Santos said...

Thanks for posting the Hulk poem, Ben. Hulk happy. Hulk give you high-five.

Adam said...

great poem greg!
thanks for the stache shout out mr tanzer!

oh, and this doesn't belong here but who cares...
i won't bore anyone least of all you with how this came up into my brain today, but do you remember when we went to see 'silver streak' at the oakdale mall, and we liked it so much that we stayed for the next screening?!
we were what, 8?

Ben Tanzer said...

Greg/Hulk the high-five is returned and Adam, we are loving the Silver Streak shout-out, it was genius. Wasn't it?