Saturday, October 24, 2009

This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life, Week Forty-One - "Fourth Quarter."

It is Week Forty-One of This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life, which means we are now into the fourth quarter of our self-absorbed effort to post one self-portrait per week for one year. It also means that the completion of this project now looms and sadness reigns here at TBWCYL, Inc. headquarters. Still, we will persevere because we know how important this effort is to you. We also know that you may want to follow the project in its entirety, so please feel free to so at the Flickr. Finally, we suspect that some of you have been wondering what it would take for us to post a self-portrait of your very own right here at This Blog Will Change Your Life? Well, it couldn't be easier, just send one and we will take it from there. Cool?

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