Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holy frijoles. Wow. Crazy. Awesome. Nuts. The QUICKIES! annual fundraiser is this Tuesday. Jemc. Picard. Gray. Dodson. Burch. Butler. And Tanzer?

We are quite geeked to let you know that TBWCYL, Inc, spokesperson Ben Tanzer will be reading this coming Tuesday as part of a way stellar line-up at the annual QUICKIES! fundraiser extravaganza. There will be Jac Jemc, podcasted here, Elizabeth Wylder, Kate Duva, Caroline Picard, podcasted here, Aaron Plesak, Amelia Gray, Casey Bye, Zach Dodson, Richard Thomas, Aaron Burch and Blake Butler. And while this may go without saying, we really think you want to come. No really, because, one, it's going to be crazy good, and two, we feel pretty certain it will change your life. A lot.

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