Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quite exciting ml press pre-order updates and much Richard Simmons for your consumption

We have much ml press excitement to share. First, our ml press chapbook I Am Richard Simmons is now available for pre-order along with two other October releases, More Introductions To A Book I Will Never Finish by Mark Baumer and Boots Walking In America Feel A Trophy by Krammer Abrahams. And second, ml press is also releasing an anthology titled MLP: First Year, which is a collection of all of the ml press chapbooks released during its first year and is filled with a slew of killer writers. MLP: First Year will not be coming out until January 2010, but it too is available for pre-order now. Yes, right now. As we said, there is much ml press excitement to be had, so please do have it, and please do pre-order. It just might change your life.

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Pete said...

I ordered your chapbook yesterday. I'm praying it doesn't have any photos like this one.