Sunday, September 27, 2009

A coincidental intersection/weekly round-up between Bored to Death and This Blog Will Change Your Life? Maybe. But we think not. You?

Okay, so we watched the Bored to Death the new HBO joint from Brooklyn writer Jonathan Ames and you know we're still trying to decide what we think about it. We like everyone in it, that's easy, and its about a writer, which is good, but do we need to add another show, maybe not. Still, there is a character named Ray played by the comedian Zach Galifianakis who is the protagonist's sidekick/best friend and it turns out that Ray is modeled on highly acclaimed New York artist/comix dude Dean Haspiel who happens to be friends with TBWCYL Inc. favorites Adam Lawrence and Tim Hall, a wonderful intersection all its own, both of whom we just happened to highlight in the blog this very week at the very same time the show just happened to debut. Coincidence? We think not. We would add, that Haspiel is also the artist responsible for the kick-ass cover on Hall's novel Full of It, the reason we blogged about him in the first place this week. More coincidence? C'mon.


Adam said...

plate of shrimp!

Adam said...

i should add, we at adam lawrence central are feeling that the show is rather flat.
we also understand that the kids dig that these days, so it's not even a critique.
we are however mad stoked for mr haspiel, as the character is not only based on him, but the artwork the character creates on the show is by dino himself, and anything that financially enriches a friend is a mighty good thing worthy of support.

Ben Tanzer said...

Did you say "financial enrichment?" Awesome, we will continue watching it for that reason alone.