Saturday, August 8, 2009

This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life, Week Thirty - "Solar Anus."

We went to Atlanta. We did the Solar Anus and read "Jesus Walks" and "Ira Glass Wants to Hit Me." We drank Miller High Life. And Podcasted. It was quite nice and we will have more soon, for reals, but in the mean time, we have Week Thirty of This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life, our effort to post one self-portrait per week for one year. You of course can follow the project in its entirety on the Flickr. You can also send us of a self-portrait of yourself and we will post right here on This Blog Will Change Your Life. Not sure if we've mentioned that before, but we will, pinkie swear.


Pete said...

TAL-inspired essay, Miller High Life, podcast...could you get any more hipster? Without a trucker cap, that is?

Ben Tanzer said...

We know, we know, and we're blaming the city of Atlanta for that. No offense to Atlanta of course, which has been very good to us, but the shame must be deflected and someone or something must be blamed. So there you go.