Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There's Something Wrong With Sven by Greg Gerke. And a podcast.

Okay, so two things, both Gerke-centric. First, we have read Greg Gerke's new flash fiction collection There's Something Wrong With Sven and while these stories are at times surreal and at other times dark, they hang together because regardless of tone or setting the characters are always searching for answers. Well, that and sex. Second, we also had the chance to podcast with Greg and are happy to share Episode Twenty of This Podcast Will Change Your Life - A Lot of Jibberish with you as well. So, please read the book, please listen to the podcast and please keeping being you because no one we know does so better.


Pete said...

You're absolutely right - I *am* the very best at being me. Then again, I don't have any competitors for that title.

Ben Tanzer said...

Lucky for us.