Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jason Riley does Between the Lines. Nicely.

Another day, another TBWCYL, Inc. favorite. Today we are geeked to spotlight the Jason Riley who very generously hosted one of the stops on This Book Tour Will Change Your Life and currently has a kick-ass interview titled The State of the World up on Between the Lines where he riffs on a variety of topics including Werner Herzog, Harry Morgan, Kindle and The Volcanoes Above Us. It's most entertaining and very likely to change your life, maybe even for the better.


Pete said...

I just assumed that your "will change your life" claims ALWAYS meant "for the better." Now it appears that you've occasionally been wishing ill will on us.

Ben Tanzer said...

Actually, we always hope it will be for the better, we just don't feel confident that it always will be so.