Sunday, June 14, 2009

The weekly round-up courtesy of Phil Spector.

It's true that we don't really do a weekly round-up here at TBWCYL, Inc. headquarters. It is also true that we have no intention of going all Drudge Report or Smoking Gun just to increase sales and traffic in an increasingly cluttered market. And yet, this photo does somehow seem to touch on a number of themes/topics we blogged about this week including, but not limited to, mug shots; portraits, self and otherwise; music and skewed celebrity worship. It is also both horrifying and wrongly funny all at the same time, and so while we are quasi-embarrassed to write this, we are drawn to it in the worst way.


Pete said...

In retrospect, that fright wig of his actually looked pretty good, when this is the alternative. Egad.

Ben Tanzer said...

So, you're saying that was definitely a wig?

Pete said...

Yes, unless all of his hair fell out in the short duration between the trial and sentencing. Which is even faster than I lost mine.