Friday, June 12, 2009

This Self-Portait Will Change Your Life, Week Twenty -Two "I'm Keith Hernandez."

We had this awesomely self-absorbed meta-like idea that we would somehow combine our efforts on This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life with the interests of director Rob Perri and the crew behind the I'm Keith Hernandez documentary and street art joint because they are interested in their followers sending them photos of themselves in their I'm Keith Hernandez T-shirts. We love this project and highlighted it on This Zine Will Change Your Life and we thought, look they want portraits, and we want to post one self-portrait per week for one year, so how about a I'm Keith Hernandez self-portrait. Brilliant, yes? Well no, because we couldn't get the self-portrait element of all this to quite work out. This week's photo then is the best we could do, but there is no reason to title it anything else, is there? Heck no. So, here you go. Also, if you want to follow this project on the Flickr, please do, and if you would like us to post a self-portrait of your beautiful mug right here on This Blog Will Change Your Life please send us one to and it will be posted. For reals.


Pete said...

Sorry, Keith, I can't help you move.

Ben Tanzer said...

We think we know that means, but to be frank, we're just not entirely sure.