Monday, June 1, 2009

Blurbage, Joseph Goosey and Josh Maday. What, that isn't enough?

Lately we have been asked to write blurbs for a variety of books and chapbooks and we have been thrilled to do so. All the requests have come from writers or publishers we really dig and we always enjoy the chance to stumble into things we might not have read otherwise. The first of those blurbs has come to life and we wanted to mention this because it gives us the chance to hype not just the chapbook that we blurbed, Wet and Dripping, which is quite good, but the poet behind it Joseph Goosey, who is a favorite here at TBWCYL, Inc. headquarters, and someone we have published in This Zine Will Change Your Life as well. This post also gives a chance to mention a blog post we encountered recently that we really liked from writer and blogger Josh Maday who is offering a series of blurbs on his excellent blog Disseminating Josh Maday that you the writer or publisher can have for free, and yes you read that correctly. Free. We hope you will check out both these dudes because they are doing great stuff that could quite possibly change your life like right now. See that, there you go.


Josh Maday said...

Thanks for the shout out, Ben! Glad you liked the blurbs.

Ben Tanzer said...

You sir are quite welcome, we just hope we have the chance to use one of those in the future.