Friday, May 15, 2009

Joe Meno. Orange Alert. Goodness.

We were really pleased to see that the good people at Orange Alert have a new interview up with Chicago's own Joe Meno. Reading it, we realized just how little we have referenced Joe Meno in this blog over the years and what a tremendous oversight that is. He's not just a great writer, and a killer representative of what it means to be called a Chicago writer, but when we were first getting started we used to run into him here and there at readings and other such events and rarely have we met a more supportive and gracious writer who is simultaneously cranking out such high quality work. He's a cool dude, a great model, and its quite fun watching all the good things that continue to happen to him and for him.

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Pete said...

I took a writing seminar from Joe a few years ago, and even in those few hours I could tell what a great teacher he is.