Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some closing thoughts on Atlanta, both the chapbook and the people, well that, and the new episode of This Podcast Will Change Your Life.

Now that we are home we wanted to share some closing thoughts on our jaunt to Atlanta this past week. First off, we read the chapbook Atlanta by the most excellent writer and new bestest friend Jamie Iredell and we really cannot stress enough how much we enjoyed these almost song-like prose poem flash fiction-like riffs on many of our favorite topics, including, but not limited to bars, chicks, Kafka and Johnny Cash. Sadly, Atlanta is sold out at the moment, but we expect the great minds behind the Achilles Chapbook Series to rectify that post-haste. Right? Good. We also had the chance to break bread and drink with Dr. Iredell and we are happy to report that he is a quite cool and entertaining dude. If you don't believe us, please feel free to listen to the latest episode of This Podcast Will Change Your Life which we recorded with him and is titled appropriately enough, Atlanta. We would add, that there is much name-dropping to be found here and so who knows, listening to this edition of the podcast may not only change your life, but pump-up your ego some as well. Not bad, yes? And finally, speaking of name-dropping, we had the chance to break bread and drinks with another newish best friend, the awesomely chill and well-read Tim Frederick of the quite fine literary blog Baby Got Books, who we would add gave Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine a quite choice and much appreciated review back in the day. Frankly, it was good times all-around which made us wonder, what's up with Atlanta anyway? Why is everybody so cool and friendly there? And do they have room for another mass media empire? Because if so, we are open to expansion and in fact have our lawyers looking into whatever tax-breaks might be available right now.


Jamie Iredell said...

Thanks again, Ben, for reading, saying nice things, and for sharing some drinks with me. It was, as they say, "a blast." The podcasts are fun.

Ben Tanzer said...

We would say that describing the recording of the podcast as "a blast," is a very apt description. Humdinger might work as well.