Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A much delayed This 2008 Top Ten Movie List Will Change Your Life.

We like to pretend that running a large multi-national corporation, raising a family, and writing obscure, off the radar novels shouldn't take up much time, much less interfere with our movie-going desires. And yet, here we are rolling out this list in April while still barely feeling like we have seen everything we might have wanted to factor into this decision if we just had the opportunity to do so. Still, it is time, and so without further adieu, our 2008 Top Ten Movie list for your consuming pleasure:

(1) The Wrestler - It is Mickey Rourke's world and we just live in it.

(2) Man on Wire - Freakishly absorbing and unreal.

(3) Slumdog Millionaire - We are glad we saw it before the hype kicked-in.

(4) Frost/Nixon - Quite gripping, and the Langella, quite awesome.

(5) Revolutionary Road - Freaking painful. That and Michael Shannon. Love him.

(6) Milk - Moving and wonderful. And we're not just talking about Sean Penn's smile.

(7) Rachel Getting Married - More riot than marriage. A good riot.

(8) Frozen River - Upstate NY, smuggling, and Melissa Leo. Not bad at all.

(9) Happy-Go-Lucky - Funny, sad, and filled with anger. We like that.

(10) Let the Right One In - Bloody Swedish vampire flick. Enough said.

Honorable mention: Iron Man, The Visitor, Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, Forgetting Sara Marshall, American Teen.

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