Sunday, March 29, 2009

Radiant Days. Most radiant indeed.

We have been trying to think about the best way to express our great affection for Radiant Days by Michael FitzGerald, but it all seems cliche. You know the story in so many ways, its a coming of age tale, a road trip and a love story, rife with drugs and sex, a debut novel done as males tend to do them, and yet it's so rich and audacious, painful and fresh, such a page-turner, that none of that matters. Its more like a reboot or a reinvention, but here's the thing, it also has substance and depth, politics and history, and trying to integrate all that stuff can be so hit or miss, failing to serve the story, or just failing, but here it works, it really works. Kudos dude. Its a triumph.


Pete said...

Sigh. Another book for the pile. I might have to sell my soul to gain the eternal life needed to read them all.

Ben Tanzer said...

Or maybe just work less, though please note, that this is not our subtle way of touching on the status of your employment here at TBWCYL, Inc.