Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, the devil, a circus and Repetitions Patterns walk into a bar. Or, Day Three of This Book Tour Will Change Your Life.

It is Day Three of This Book Tour Will Change Your Life and we have wandered outside the safe confines of Chicagoland and all the way to Pittsburgh, home of the lushly bearded and sweet writing Jason Jordan and So the Devil and a Circus Walk into a Bar, todays stop in our ongoing efforts to achieve Repetition Patterns world domination. As always you may also follow our exploits at CCLaP and we hope you will also join us for tomorrow's stop at Orange Alert where they are launching a new feature, writers interviewing writers, in this case TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson and Repetition Patterns author Ben Tanzer being interviewed by the Pete Anderson. Yes, that Pete Anderson. Nice, right? Way.

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