Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's the last day. The last chance. For This Book Tour Will Change Your Life. Yes, Day Thirteen is upon us and today we finish up with the J.A. Tyler.

Quasi-disco and Emo-length blog titles aside, it's true, it is Day Thirteen, the last day of this wonderfully self-absorbed journey we called This Book Tour Will Change Your Life. We really appreciate all of the hospitality and kind words we have received along the way. We hope that we have changed lives, many lives, ideally in good ways, though if we changed any lives in bad ways, we hope it wasn't too bad. Today we visit the always cool J.A. Tyler where we riff on the future of publishing and then it's done, way done. So, many thanks to CCLaP for organizing this and giving Repetition Patterns a home and if you, and you know who you are, are so inclined, please feel free to revisit the entire tour below.

Day One - Pete Lit

Day Two - stand By Bert

Day Three - So the devil and a circus walk into a bar

Day Four - What to wear during an orange alert

Day Five - Does this font make me look fat?

Day Six - Michael Fitzgerald

Day Eight - Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again

Day Nine - Chicago Literary Scene Examiner

Day Ten - Jason Riley

Day Eleven - In The Nick of Time

Day Twelve - I don't know what I'm Talking About

Update: And would you look at this, for the same low price, you also get an official tour round-up kind of thing from the good people at CCLaP. Sweet.

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